The Florence Art with his line has played the actual taste with the characteristics of the “Florentine style” carving and decorating our pride, creating environments with objects, able to convey a flavor and a unique emotion, elements still needed to make of ‘art of decorating a fun and real products make objects of art.

Florentine Villas

Our complimentary furnishings give that extra personal edge which enable any space to be enriched and completed in perfect harmony.
Florence Art was established in 1950. It originally started out by creating furnishings. Since that time it has created and provided a vast amount; each diverse for each period.

Today we offer a vast range of furnishing styles; as can be seen in our general catalogue. The items presented will never be ‘out of fashion’; for when things are crafted well they remain ever present.
Choose from among our dressers with mirrors, floor lamps, coffee tables, ‘consolle’, ‘appliques’, chandeliers, book shelves, table lamps, chairs, armchairs and tables.

We also have more contemporary pieces whose style is shaped by their final trimming techniques. We offer brushstroke decorations, and less ‘antiqued’ decorations. We also decorate products with the White Silver leaf and other such techniques like ‘Ice Silver’ and ‘Meccantica Silver’. We also decorate with soft or smooth lines whose ‘movements’ are created by a pantograph or by skilled carving.

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General Catalogue

Each and every one of our pieces are built from our own original design. They are exclusive, created by ourselves.

Each piece will have carved sections that renders it even more unique and exclusive.

Our strength lies in the fact that our pieces, which are created according to the tradition of the ‘Florentine Style’, have all been created, designed and trimmed by ourselves to have a classical, but nevertheless, youthful, fresh and up to date style about them. Due to our knowledge of the style changes over the centuries we are often capable of foreseeing future fashion and design styles for incorporation into the modern home or hotel.

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