Florence Art, with its furniture line for children’s bedrooms, has created ambiences that are Elegant, Comfortable and Magic. In addition to creativity, this was possible thanks to the arts for which the Florentine style is characterised: Carving, Decoration and Painting.

The art of carving, of which we are masters, has created precious and elegant ambiences.

The art of decoration, the point of strength of the Florentine Style, and the art of painting, permit us to play, invent and render the children’s bedrooms Joyous and Magic.

Florence Art Children's line Magic Dreams fairy tale room

Baby Bed Collection

The Baby Bed Collection makes use of soft romantic colours for an enchanted atmosphere.

The Baby Bed Collection has been realised thanks to many articles which already exist including baby beds, dressers, bedside tables, dressing tables and wardrobes, regarding the principle elements, and wall sconces, lamps, chairs, armchairs, little benches and mirrors, regarding the accessories.

Each of these articles is made with our exclusive designs. They are built by us and all of them have carved parts which make them even more unique and exclusive.

The Baby Bed can be personalised by changing the model of the headboard. You can choose between all the beds in production. The bed can be personalised further by changing the type of painting, upon indication by the client, or with padding, if that is preferred.

Castle Bed Collection

This idea, by one of the most famous Florentine decorative workshops, was inspired by young girls’ dreams from when they were little children. These dreams are reignited in each young girl who sees it, their eyes light up and joy makes them smile. The Castle is a true and actual painting, the three dimensionality renders it real.

Florence Art Children's line Magic Dreams Magic Castle

Princess Collection

With this collection we have given every little girl a dream, of being a Princess, of which they are all deserving. Each little girl should feel important, loved and beautiful.

Florence Art Children's line Magic Dreams princess carriage bed

Models available

We have a wide range of models, finishes and coordinated furnishing accessories. For more information do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions. Thanks.

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    Florence Art Children's line Magic Dreams sea room

    Sea Collection

    The Sea Collection creates a playful fun atmosphere with items from the underwater world, to stimulate children’s fantasies.

    Created with the desire to stupefy and to play, in this ambience one truly feels a sensation of freshness. Who sees it cannot help but have the desire for summer, for play, for lightheartedness. The Sea Collection is the fruit of our idea, but the theme can be changed with suggestions from clients consenting every single little boy to have his own personal dream.

    Magic Dreams Night Area - Furniture for children who are dreamers

    Magic Dreams

    Florence Art Children's line Magic Dreams Magic Castle

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