Among the streets of Florence breathes art, from Santa Croce to the Ponte Vecchio, and then again between the sculptures and between the paintings and furniture of the Medici villas, a city and a unique territory, where artists and artisans found over the centuries their lifeblood. The Florence Art was founded in 1950 by this tradition, manual skill of the workers Tuscan love for art and for beauty, passion for the classic and what’s great about this country.

Florence Art, panoramic Florence Ponte Vecchio

Recently we have begun specializing in complete space furnishings (for both night zones and day zones); as well as furnishings for bathrooms, ‘boiserie’ and personal selected designs chosen by our clients themselves.

Our prestigious products are all hand carved in wood, then hand decorated at handcraft workshops in Florence as tradition demands. Florence Art is pleased you are able to bring into your home the glories and splendors of true historical Florentine furnishing techniques; which have created pieces entirely by hand according to the very old traditions handed down since time immemorial.

The story of a passion

Classic Florentine style furniture for over 70 years.

Our company began as a carving business. Since that time we have been continually active productively. We have continuously studied and continue to study new ideas for new products; we have continuously designed them and created them and created their samples via a system of carving entirely by hand followed by ‘pantographing’ and decoration.
Most of production is in the ‘Florentine Style’. Each item is created exclusively by our designers. It is unique.


We are a family business. Today we are the second generation. Florence Art began initially with the production of elements for household furnishings such as: tablescoffee tablesdressers (with mirrors), ‘consolle’, ‘appliques’, chandeliersfloor lampschairs and armchairs.

Today companies like ours creating elements for traditional Florentine furnishings are very rare indeed.
We provide your classical rooms with our elegantFlorentine-styled, traditionally handcrafted furniture and furnishings to create an atmosphere of charm, harmony and comfort.

David Michelangelo Firenze
working group - carpenters